Attention:  Here are 10 Master Travel Abroad Packages To Transform Your 2015...get them before the offer closes 30th January 2015!


How To Make 2015 Travel Plans A Reality on Your Own Budget!


It's inevitable. Travel Abroad, Study Abroad, And All Manner of Trips Abroad will take place in 2015. Will Your dreams be accomplished in this area in 2015?



With Any of These 10 Travel Packages, You can Make Travel A reality on Your Own Budget in 2015...Choose From Exciting Packages such as:


Study Abroad DIY Package
 China Importers Trade Fair Application
Dubai Importers One Week Market Trip
China Visa Only Service

Study Abroad Apply4Me Service:
Sweden, Luitiana, Cyprus, Singapore,

Germany and Saudi Arabia

Dubai Importers GuideBook
Your First Trip To China GuideBook

US Visa GuideBook

Major Country Visa GuideBooks For

2015 Visa Application Processing

Work Abroad Travel Programs

2015 Easter, Summer and

Honeymoon Travel Deals


Read Full Details Below:

Offers Close – Friday 30th January 2015





From the Desk of: Efe Imiren; Nigerias' Online Travel Consultant

To:  To everyone who has a travel dream and plan to accomplish in 2015


Dear Reader,


2015 is a few short days old and if you check through your emails and social media connections, you will discover that people have continued to engage in the same old ritual of tagging their new years -  "2015 is my year of xyz", "2015... my year of big great things", "2015... my breakthrough has come”…same old...rituals that adds nothing to our real financial results at the end of the year.


The truth is, in 2015 Life will Happen


You will make resolutions which you will fail to keep beginning from the second week of January when you get back to work and routine, life will continue as it was until once again you will find yourself in December and you start to wonder how you came to end 2015 below your expectations. God forbid abi? I join my faith with yours to agree with you. But you see, only a MAD man continues to do the same thing and expects a different results.


ServiceForts travels provides  travel information, services and packages to its clients. And to enable us deliver those services, we manage different websites that speak to your interest as our client. This year, to enable you strive towards accomplishing your goals in the travel department, our team has put together the 2015 Travel New Year Pack to help you kick-start your travel plans; find below the contents:



So what’s the  

“2015 Travel New Year Pack” all about?





Travel Package 1:-

 Study Abroad DIY Package

Every year, we watch as many people struggle to accomplish their study abroad dreams - without access to accurate and correct information.

Without the right and accurate information, many would be bright students of BSc, MSc and even PHD have seen their hopes dashed.

We don't want you to be counted amongst the casualty in 2015, hence we are bringing you this offer, early in the year, to give you full 11 months headstart into pursing your Study Abroad dream, whether it is BSc, PHD, MSc or PgD.

In the Study Abroad DIY package, you will discover every thing you always wanted to know about Study Abroad including:

  • Access to a Complete list of all US University and colleges

  • List of Scholarship courses and their respective countries

  • How to get a guaranteed Canada Student Visa in 2015

  • How to get a guaranteed Sweden Student visa in 2015

  • How to get a guaranteed UK Student visa in 2015

  • List of Courses for which you can get scholarship Abroad

  • How to get guaranteed F1 Student visa to USA in 2015

  • Access to a Secret List of Universities that offer Nigerians Scholarship Abroad

This informative package will put you on the right tracks in the pursuit of your 2015 study abroad dreams and it's only N10,500 until 30th January after which it will not be available again.




Travel Package 2:-

 China Importers Trade Fair Application

If your dreams are Big, Bold and exciting in 2015 and you want to attend the biggest trade fair in China this year to get direct access to REAL Manufacturers who can produce cheap authentic goods and even brand It for you in your own name - then pay attention to registering for the China Importers Trade fair before 14th February 2015.

As a genuine business person who wants to do business importing products You will be able to create long-lasting business relationships that will guarantee you steady product supply and credit-worthiness by attending the trade fair! (This is the most important thing in this business)

The fair takes place TWICE a year April and October

and the registration deadlines are 14th February for (April Trip) and 30th July for (October Trip)

The gist is this - You are entitled to a N50,000 discount when you register to attend the April 2015 trade fair with a Deposit of N250,000 before or by 30th January 2014.

This is what you get in the China Tradefair Package

a) 14 days China Trip
b) Guaranteed Visa
c) Letter of Invitation
d) Fast-track Registration for the Fair
e) Transportation to and from the fair
f) 10 nights Hotel Stay with breakfast
g) Two Way Meet and Greet at Airport
h) Return ticket
i) local guide into the local market
j) local guide to save you transportation

Here are some of the products, whose manufacturers you will be meeting Direct at the fair:









Large Equipment & Machinery
Small Machinery
Vehicle Spare Parts
Chemical Products
Vehicles (Outdoor)
Construction Machinery (Outdoor)
Household Electrical Appliances

Consumer Electronics
Electronic and Electrical Products
Computer and

Communication Products
Building and Decoration Materials
Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment


Kitchen & Tableware
General Ceramics
Art Ceramics
Glass Art ware
Furniture Weaving,

Rattan and Iron Arts
Gardening Products
Stone and Iron Products (Outdoor)
Household Items
Personal Care Products
Toiletries Clocks,

Watches & Optical Instruments
Gifts and Premiums
Festival Products


Men and Women's Clothes
Kid's Wear
Sports and Casual Wear
Furs, Leather, Down & Related Products Fashion Accessories and Fittings
Home Textiles
Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics
Carpets & Tapestries
Native Produce
Medicines and Health Products
Medical Devices, Disposables and Dressings
Sports, Travel and Recreation Products

Office Supplies
Cases and Bags

Can't wait? Click here to download the application forms now

Remember - You are entitled to a N50,000 discount when you register to attend the April 2015 trade fair with a Deposit of N250,000 before or by 30th January 2014.

So complete the forms and return with your N250,000 deposit before or by 30th January 2014


Travel Package 3

Dubai Importers One

Week Market Trip


I have seen people who have traveled to Dubai and came back empty handed or worse, with very expensive items that by the time they return to Nigeria can not be sold.

I too know (ITK) dey kill business my people.

No body can know it all, that's why there will continue to be teachers and light bearers to show us the way. If you get your information right, importation from Dubai can be sweet, lucrative and be a source of financial blessing in 2015.

Dubai Importers One Week Market Trip Travel Package – includes visa, hotel, pickup, breakfast, market tour, city tour, personal local shopping guide and lots of first-hand information – for importers.

Trip also includes 7 Local Market Visits, 3 Shopping Centre Visits and Local Market Guide For products you can import.

You don’t need to wait for an uncle, aunty, brother or
sister to show you the road in this business – TravelForts exist to show you the way and to reveal trade secrets to you!


Dubai Importers One Week Market Trip will take place February 23rd to 25th so that you can plan and import items that you can sell during the Easter Celebration

The trip is N297,000 and registration deadline is 30th January 2014

Click Here to Register





Travel Package 4:-

China Visa Only Service

This is for you if you want a China visa and the trade fair program is not in sync with your itinery in China.

We know that getting a China Visa even if all your documents are complete can be a daunting task for you.

You can use our visa processing fast-tracked service at ServiceForts to submit your visa application for a visa at the following rates if you are submitting and registering before or by 14th February 2015 as follows:


Existing or Expired UK/US Visa Holders N250,000

Your visa expiration date must not be more than 24months old


Expired China Visa Holders N200,000

Your visa expiration date must not be more than 24months old

Virgin Passports Holders - Register to attend the Trade Fair or call the office.

After 14th February all visa processing fees returns to N450,000

Expired or existing visa holders Click Here to Register


Travel Package 5:-

Study Abroad Apply4Me Service

Sweden, Luitiana, Cyprus, Singapore, Germany and Saudi Arabia


As you already know, a foreign degree will give you an edge in life, it will help you get jobs with better pay and you can even secure yourself permanent residency or citizenship in foreign countries if you play your cards well.


However, foreign education is very expensive. Even though you know there are scholarships, it is very difficult to land those scholarships without professional guidance. You could miss application deadlines, and you may be too busy to be checking the internet all the time. Even if you have the time to follow up and check the internet, information over-load can rob you of your scholarship and the foreign education you have dreamed of. You may end up missing year after year of application deadlines with no end in sight.


It does not have to be so.


With our done-for-you application program you can rest assured that you will secure a guaranteed either of the following services admission, scholarship, and tuition free, low tuition and visa to study abroad in the countries listed above - Sweden, Cyprus, Singapore, Luitina and Saudi Arabia


What will You Gain If You Use the *ApplyForMe* Services?

  • We will help you secure guaranteed admission to study for your BSc, MSc or PhD in any country of your choice from Sweden, Cyprus, Singapore, Luitina, Germany and Saudi Arabia


  • You do not need to fear any Age Limit


  • We will help you secure guaranteed Scholarship for your BSc, MSc, or PhD in any country of your choice from Sweden, Cyprus, Singapore, Luitina, Germany and Saudi Arabia


  • We will guide you through every step of the application process into success


  • We will guide you through the entire process of visa application to ensure your visa application success is guaranteed


  • Even after getting your admission, scholarship and visa, we will not leave you alone, we will ensure that you get the student tickets at the best prices for your flight


  • We will work closely with you and your chosen University to get the best of accommodation at the most affordable price for your Studies while Abroad


  • We guarantee you reliable support to see your Study Abroad dreams come to pass in the upcoming academic year



If you choose to study in Germany, your stay in Germany will be completely Tuition FREE Study.

If you choose Saudi Arabia, your stay in Saudi will be completely Tuition FREE, plus the school will pay for your flight ticket, accommodation and give you monthly stipends towards your living expenses during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

If you choose to study in Sweden, Cyprus, Singapore, Luitina, you are positioned to get up to 75% Partial Scholarships and (or) rock-bottom-inexpensive low tuition fees


One reason you should consider using the *Apply4Me* Service is that If you are like me, You don't have the money and time to be applying by trial and error, because you just don't have the time to be searching, applying only for one crazy school to take your (application) fees, and then  after that tell you you are not qualified.

Apart form admitting students, these guys are in the business of meeting application quotas to contribute to the budget of keeping their application department open.

So, the more application fees they get, the more robust their budget, they know that thousands of Nigerians will apply to their school, and they also know that thousands will NOT qualify. They need the application fees to keep rolling in. Why must you be a Victim when you have qualified professionals who will submit your application once and get your admission without stories?

Ready to start your application? Click Here to Register

The *Apply4Me* done-for-you application program service is N350,000 and includes Guaranteed Admission + either (Scholarship, Low Tuition or Free Tuition) + Visa Processing (which excludes visa fee, that is paid to the embassy at the time of your visa application).

Click Here to Register


Master Package 6:-

Dubai Importers GuideBook

This guide ebook is for importers who want to discover more about market places in Dubai and where to get profitable items for ther importation business.

In this guide ebook, you will discover

Where can you get original luxury
goods at really cheap prices?
Where to get high end fashion and luxury goods at
really cheap prices
Where to get original Turkish products
Where to get clothes, shoes, laptops and bags
Where to buy goods at Whole sale prices
Where to buy pieces and one units of products at
whole sale prices PLUS Cargo Contact Details from Dubai
Six Important Tools For Keeping Up to Date In
Your Importation Business

You can get the book for N10,500 from now until 30th January 2015  - Click Here to Order



Master Package 7:-

Your First Trip To China

I couldn't believe my ears and eyes as I watched on CNN as China was mouthed the NUMBER ONE economy on the planet.

For a very long time, that position is not about to change and any serious business man or woman should pay serious attention to that statistics.

Visiting and doing business with China can be really overwhelming, but absolutely worthwhile, that is why I have put together this guide book to help you make your visit profitable.

This helpful and concise guide book I am about to discuss with you will change your business forever.

This contents of this book is drawn from my own travel experience to China and from the experiences of our clients who have travelled with us to china at

It will guide you every step of the way as a beginner through your first venture to China.

This book is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know before your first trip to the trade fares in China.

You won’t find this breadth of information compiled so succinctly anywhere else.

This book covers insider and experienced information such as

==> How to Make Connections with Chinese Factories

==> How to Overcome the Language Barrier

==> How to Locate the Local Markets for Your Products and many more

You can get the book for N10,500 from now until 30th January 2015  - Click Here to Order


Travel Package 8:-

US Visa and Major Country Visa GuideBooks For 2015 Visa Application Processing

If you have a US Embassy interview this year and
especially if this is your first time, please read the book, don't be a victim of ignorance.

You can also find the List of other guidebooks here:

Our visa guidebooks are N6,500 and You can get EACH book for N6,500 from now until 30th January 2015  except the Canada Immigration Visa GuideBook - Click Here to Order

The list includes:

  • USA Visitors Visa Guide Book

  • UK Visitors Visa Guide Book

  • Chinese Business Visa GuideBook

  • Canada Visitors Visa GuideBook


  • Canadian Immigration & Permanent Residency Visa GuideBook (N15,000)


Click Here to Order


Travel Package 9:-

Work Abroad Travel Programs

Here is your opportunity to step up in 2015. You can choose to work abroad though our work abroad programs to selected countries including - Dubai, Qatar, Sweden and Saudi Arabia

Here is an overview of the Work Abroad Program:
2-5years Visa, Security Job, Salary range: $1,000 to $1,500 monthly, Flight Ticket, 1 Month Accommodation, N950,000 processing fee, the processing fee is non-negotiable, Documents required includes: CV, Passport Bio-data page, 2 Passport Photos, and payment teller.

The gist is this: If you register before or by 30th January 2015, you get N100,000 processing fee discount, meaning you pay N850,000 only. But you must register for the program with a N550,000 deposit before or by 30th January 2014.

Click Here to Register


Travel Package 10:-

2015 Easter, Summer and Honeymoon Travel Deals


In 2015, Travel on Your Own Budget!


We are all about Realistic and Affordable Travel. Whether it is for vacation, honeymoon or a getaway, we have reasonably priced packages that suit your budget and the best part?

You don't need to sacrifice quality because of your
budget. Our packages come with the luxury you deserve while on Vacation or honeymoon.

Amongst our packages in 2015 are:

This year, the countries on our menu includes
Bahamas. Dubai. UK. US. Paris. Rome. South Africa.
Accra Ghana. Banjul Gambia. Seychelles.

Bahamas Cruise
Includes: Ticket, Visa, Hotel, Pickup, Drop Off, Cruise,
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks
Duration: 7-14 Days of Your Choice

Dubai, UK, Paris, Rome, South Africa, Accra Ghana, Banjul Gambia, Cape Verde, Seychelles
Includes: Ticket, Visa, Hotel, Pickup, Drop Off, Tours, Breakfast Duration: 7-10 Days of Your Choice

Our packages sell out very fast, so book your
Honeymoon or Holiday very early in the year to
ensure HUGE and surprising discounts


Call the office to request an itinery for your 2015 vacation budget








How To Order before Friday 30th January, 2015.


Step 1: Text your Name + GSM + Email + Name of the Package you are registering or paying for + code “2015traveloffer” + Date you are making payment (before or by 30th January) to 0803 297 8011

Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay your for the packages you have chosen:


  • Study Abroad DIY Package - N10,500

  • China Importers Trade Fair Application - N250,000 deposit

  • Dubai Importers One Week Market Trip - N297,000

  • China Visa Only Service (US/UK Visa Holders N250,000 ; past travellers to China N200,000)

  • Study Abroad Apply4Me Service:
    Sweden, Luitiana, Cyprus, Singapore,
    Germany and Saudi Arabia

  • Dubai Importers GuideBook N10,500

  • Your First Trip To China GuideBook N10,500

  • US Visa GuideBook
    Major Country Visa GuideBooks For
    2015 Visa Application Processing N6,500

  • Work Abroad Travel Programs N550,000 deposit

  • 2015 Easter, Summer and
    Honeymoon Travel Deals (Call the office to discuss your budget)

 We also Accept Online Transfer, ATM Transfer, Quick-teller Payments and all forms of verifiable bank-to-bank payments

Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing

GTBank Account Number: 001 135 9820


First Bank Account Number: 201 500 7720


Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Name of Bank Paid to + Amount Paid + Date Paid + code “2015traveloffer” + List of the Packages you have registered or paid for to title of Email MUST BE “PAID 2015traveloffer”.


Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will email you your products if you paid for the downloadble guide or send you the relevant registration forms and/invite you to pick up at our office (ServiceForts, 2B Oyetola Street, Off Salvation, Opebi, Ikeja Lagos) OR deliver it to your address if you paid for courier delivery for any books.


You can also Pay Online via ATM Card 


Here's the thing, I am pretty sure that you will like the 2015 Travel Packages and I look forward to you sharing testimonies of your trip-come-true in 2015.


The difference between those who will end 2015 as “accomplished in the travel department” and those who will end it as “people” who didn’t achieve their travel dreams is the ability to recognize and act on opportunities. You decide. This offer will not repeat again this year. After Friday 30th January, you will not be able to access this offer again. Be smart.




To Your own 2015!



Efe Imiren

Nigerias’ Online Travel Consultant and

Manager: and


Don't forget

Time is Ticking, Offer Closes – Friday 30th January 2015

This offer will NOT be repeated in 2015, it's no marketing gimmick.


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